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This is the formal petition by the baron's committee resulting in the invocation of Article 61, Magna Carta 1215.  The barons presented Her Majesty the opportunity to opt out of the Nice Treaty.  She gave Royal Assent to Her own usurpation. 

She betrayed the Commonwealth.

The Security Clause of Magna Carta gives the land-owners a lawful process for petitioning the Crown should injustice reign.  We are all compelled to peaceful disobedience until the injustice is properly resolved.

The invocation was reported by

Caroline Davies for the Telegraph.

Magna Carta is the mutual agreement to respect each other's right of consent; no parliament has the authority to repeal or modify it. 

The Crown's failure to rebuke the baron's petition and invocation is

tacit acknowledgement of Clause 61: security for equality under the law.

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