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The lawful remedy for the overt treason and the attempted usurpation of Sovereignty by our politicians. 

This website intends to provide tools and knowledge required to peacefully preserve our sovereignty.


The opposite of consent is a firm "NO".  We simply evidence facts to

Dissent in a PracticalLawful manner.  


Our methodology is Practical because it forms a lawful instrument you can actually use to protect yourself, family, and the entire Commonwealth.


Invoked March 2001, Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 specifies our 

Lawful course of peaceful action

to protect our sovereignty.


Lawful Dissent employs a process of notifying Commonwealth peoples that treason has been committed and of their constitutional duty under Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 (The Great Charter).  

This process was pioneered by the late David Robinson.  Thanks to David, we have been given everything we need to save ourselves from those who do not have our best interests at heart.  Please take a minute to watch David's video:

Our entire process hinges on the invocation of Article 61 which occurred March 23, 2001.

All statutes and regulations were made null from that date until the petition is addressed and resolved.

Only Magna Carta 1215 is valid law at this time.

The invocation of Magna Carta's Article 61 was triggered when a committee of barons (landowners) petitioned Her Majesty to withhold Royal Assent to the Nice Treaty and she failed to reply in substance - this treaty would see Her made a citizen of the European Union and subject to its laws.  As Her Coronation Oath compels her to govern according to the laws and customs of Her people, it is High Treason for Her to subordinate Her authority (our collective sovereignty) to a foreign governing body. 

Magna Carta made our Sovereign subject to law rather than above it; the Coronation Oath bound Her to that law; Her failure to honour Her Oath gave the barons lawful standing to invoke Article 61; Article 61 compels us all to stand with the barons in peaceful, practical dissent until She rights the violation of our common law and returns to serving the interests of Her Realm over those of hostile foreign entities.

We serve an escalating set of notices which inform the recipient of:
- the fact that treason has been committed with a great deal of evidence proving the crime beyond  any reasonable (or unreasonable) doubt;

- the resultant invocation of Article 61 along with evidence that Magna Carta is not a museum piece but factually our Constitution;

- the moral and lawful duties to which we are each compelled by Royal Command;

- the fact that failure to perform these duties, once notified, constitutes aiding and abetting treason.

These notices have successfully staved off the illegitimate and unlawful statutory regulations which our corrupt politicians are attempting to enforce.  The crime of aiding and abetting treason is not one that public servants wish to commit and so we may disarm the corrupt regime using only evidential facts...

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

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